The Shindellas


Beatnik group The Shindellas are a female band formed under the belief  that when women come together, powerful things can happen. The  Shindellas are comprised of three brilliantly talented women, Kasi Jones (Singer), Stacy Johnson (Singer/Guitarist) and Tamara Chauniece  (Singer). Each member was introduced by multi-platinum, Grammy nominated, songwriting and production duo, Chuck Harmony and Claude  Kelly, also known as the progressive band Louis York. The  Shindellas explore Jazz, Soul and true R&B to create a unique genre of  music for their audience. They are proponents of self-love,  empowerment, and elegance, which are tenets they work hard to spread  through their music.

Meet Kasi Jones– who hails from Seattle, Washington, where her  childhood hobby progressed into an adult passion. After high school, the  self- proclaimed storyteller and safe-space, moved to LA to pursue a  career in music, while attending American Musical and Dramatic Academy.

During her incredible journey at AMDA, the young phenom was able to tap  into and explore her other gifts such as acting, writing and directing.  While cultivating her musical and theatrical career, she joined the cast of  Big Band Beat at Tokyo Disney Sea. While in Tokyo, Kasi began writing  original music and attending open mics and jam sessions, building a solid  fan base. Encouraged, she returned to the US where she recorded her  first EP. While touring the world performing, Kasi met Chuck Harmony and  the rest is history. She is now a proud member of The Shindellas living by  her favorite quote, “Think thoughts of joy, speak words of peace and  always find your light.”

Meet Stacy Johnson – a Northern Chicago native of Jamaican descent,  who at 15 began her musical quest with a family-owned production  company called Joy Art Music. They provided a safe space for her to learn  all aspects of the entertainment industry. She fearlessly dove into a  career as a jingle singer and voice over artist. It was during this time that  she was able to learn guitar (self-taught) and first used her voice and  sound to express herself through writing and releasing her own music.  While on this journey, she developed an infinite love for the arts and was  inspired to take her gifts to Los Angeles where she met Chuck Harmony  and Claude Kelly. Divinely aligned with the two, she joined their  expedition to Nashville, TN where she was key in helping to establish a  hub for development and creative freedom and commenced her greatest  endeavor as a live performer. Under their leadership, Stacy was able to  further refine her skills and is now following her dreams along-side not  only her bandmates, but sisters for life.

Meet Tamara Chauniece – A Texas bred Singer/Songwriter, who got her  start in church at the tender age of seven years old. Her innate and  prodigious abilities launched her into a career as a young Gospel  Recording Artist, which continued well into her teens. Driven to reach a  broader audience, Tamara auditioned for NBC’s The Voice, Season 5 and  earned a Top 20 spot. She utilized this platform to build a substantial  social media following by posting short clips of herself singing covers. One

of her viral videos caught the attention of Claude Kelly, who was led to  reach out to her. Without hesitation, Tamara made the decision to take  her talents to Nashville, TN and the best is still unwritten. She believes  that joining Weirdo Workshop as a Shindella has been a supreme reward  and with the incredible light and force of her two sisters, the greatness  and possibilities are immeasurable! Go, God!

The vitality of their three voices blending in effortless harmony coupled  with their alluringly graceful and poised disposition, will put you in a  trance. Since forming, The Shindellas have graced stages across the  country, including Essence Festival 2018. Their three recently released  singles, “Reconsider”, “Ain’t that the Truth” and “Happy To See You”, are  the perfect preface to their debut album, soon to be released under  Weirdo Workshop. If you haven’t already, it’s in your best interest to  familiarize yourself with The Shindellas, as they are bound to steal hearts  and few top spots on the charts!