Morgan Evans


“It’s funny, it’s the same thing that excited me when I was 13,” says Warner Music Nashville’s Morgan Evans, explaining the drive behind his uniquely positive brand of in-the-moment country music. “I have this longing for connection. And I just wanna go play.”


After more than a year of downtime, that urge may now be stronger than ever. But as a new chapter of his career starts up, he’s found a way to scratch the itch. With his new single, “Love Is Real,” the Australia native embraces the connected moments that stitch life together – even in tough times. And with a new approach to go with it, he’s letting the magic of those moments flow free.


A thrilling live performer, Evans emerged stateside in 2017 with the Gold-certified debut, “Kiss Somebody,” starting out hot and letting nothing stand between him and his fans. With a rare musicality, he developed an acclaimed one-man-show performance style, building entire country-pop soundscapes around himself and an acoustic guitar – no band necessary. He then rode that identity up the country charts and around the globe on a headlining world tour. But he’s no longer traveling alone.


For the first time in years, Evans has gone back to basics, forming a band and writing tunes filled with infectious country gusto. That connection he craves just got easier to make.


“When I’m just playing guitar and singing – and not messing with loop pedals – there is so much extra head space, and heart space, to just be in the moment,” he explains. “It’s a big part of what I’ve learned lately, and it leaves room for that connection … which is the whole reason I do this.”


Produced by Grammy nominee Dann Huff (Keith Urban, Thomas Rhett), the singer-songwriter’s 2.0 vision makes full use of his extra heart space. Featuring equal parts acoustic-guitar mastery, seize-the-day lyricism and romantic positivity, it’s built on the same foundation fans have long admired – but with a renewed sense of wonder. “Love Is Real” is the first taste, and a fitting primer for his evolved outlook: All lives contain success and setbacks. But every so often, we’re reminded of the good stuff.


Uplifting and grounded at the same time, the track was co-written with Jordan Reynolds and Parker Welling while Evans struggled through the 2020 doldrums. But with its fleet-fingered guitar intro, heart-pumping beat and keep-it-simple message of pure joy, he knew a fresh beginning was near.


“It’s this feeling of freedom when you realize ‘I am right where I’m supposed to be,’” he says. “It was like ‘That feels like the start of something,’ which is what happened with ‘Kiss Somebody,’ too. And once you have that, you can build from how it feels … and that song makes me feel great.”


Indeed, “Love Is Real” is set to follow his Top 5 single and Top 10 album debut (2018’s Things We Drink To), the first in a new wave of tunes all filled with freedom, possibility … and connection. As the world reopens to Evans’ onstage calling, it all points back to that 13-year-old kid’s dream.


“I want my music to be a place people go to feel good about themselves – and the world and just life,” he says. “And to feel like part of a community that wants to make everybody feel that way, too. That’s the whole point.”